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Archives for August 2010

Can Social Security Survive?

Younger workers will never receive the benefits they have been promised, and Congress cannot continue to kick the economic can down the road, argues this Heritage Foundation backgrounder.

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Crossroads GPS launches new issue ads in Pennsylvania, California and Kentucky

New spots focus on the flash point issues of Obamacare, Medicare cuts and tax hikes.

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Crossroads GPS Announces National “7 in ’11” Issues Agenda

New conservative issue advocacy group releases “emergency intervention” plan for 2010 and beyond. WASHINGTON – Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (GPS) today announced the launch of its new “7 in ’11” issues agenda – seven key issues that will drive issue advocacy and grassroots mobilization…

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Did the Stimulus Stimulate? The Debate Continues

Lawrence Lindsey argues that the Obama stimulus scheme was so badly flawed that it gave “the whole concept of macroeconomic stimulus a bad name.”

Article here.