Obamacare has set in motion a government takeover of American health care.  Among other things, the federal government will decide:

  • what is and is not covered by insurance;
  • where people must go to get their insurance;
  • the prices insurers can charge for coverage;
  • how doctors and hospitals should be organized for delivering services to patients;
  • and what kind of care is “effective” and therefore should be paid for by insurance.

Inevitably, the federal government will set up large and unresponsive bureaucracies to make these decisions, which is already happening, and the decisions will be made for budgetary reasons, not based on the needs of patients.  The end result will be a government-run health system that erodes the quality of medical care and forces patients to wait for services because of low and inadequate reimbursement rates for doctors and hospitals.  In the meantime, Obamacare’s spending and taxes will destroy jobs and pile massive new debts onto the shoulders of future generations of taxpayers.

The case against Obamacare is devastating, as detailed at the links below:

Obamacare Means . . . a Budgetary Disaster
Obamacare Means . . . Massive Tax Hikes
Obamacare’s Employer Mandate Means . . . Fewer Jobs
Obamacare Means . . . Benefit Cuts for Seniors
Obamcare’s IPAB Means . . . Rationed Care
Obamacare Means . . . a Massive New Bureaucracy

There a better way forward on health care.  Once Obamacare is fully repealed, Congress can begin work on reforms such as the following:

Enable Tax Free Savings for Medical Expenses
Permit the Purchase of Insurance Across State Lines
Allow Small Businesses and Their Workers to Pool Risk
Make Health Insurance Portable
Enable Transparency in Prices and Outcomes
Stop Junk Lawsuits
Equalize Tax Treatment of Health Insurance