Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (GPS)

We believe that when you scratch below the surface, most Americans want the same things: a broadly prosperous economy, better opportunities for our kids, retirement security and high-quality, affordable health care.

Sadly, instead of working diligently to address these practical concerns, the political class in Washington seems to prefer partisan squabbling and brinksmanship.  We’ve seen them squander trillions of dollars and run up massive levels of debt, then turn around and demand that we bail out their fiscal incompetence with more taxes.

Presiding over Washington’s dysfunctional political culture is President Obama, who enjoys picking fights and giving speeches, but seems uninterested in simply building consensus around practical solutions.

So how do we everyday Americans get Washington to pay attention to our real-life concerns instead of their political games?

The answer is what Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (GPS) is all about: President Obama and the rest of Washington’s politicians have spent lots of time talking at us – now it’s time for them to listen to us.

Crossroads GPS is dedicated to holding Washington’s feet to the fire on the practical issues that will actually improve our country and our lives.

We use every available means – from TV ads to constituent letters – to help educate busy people and urge our leaders to take action on this commonsense punch-list for positive change.

Our bottom line is this: we believe that if we educate, equip and mobilize millions of regular Americans, we can make our country great again – from the ground up.

If you share that vision, please sign up for our updates, fire off some letters and emails to the White House and Congress, tell your friends, and help write some brighter chapters in the history of America.


Steven Law