Crossroads GPS Announces Support of Speaker Boehner’s Debt Reduction Plan

Conservative group calls the policy a shrewd strategy to cut government spending under a President who insists on tax hikes.

WASHINGTON – Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (Crossroads GPS), the influential conservative nonprofit organization, today announced its support for House Speaker John Boehner’s debt reduction plan.

This support comes after the group has spent millions of dollars on a televised issue advocacy campaign framing the national debate on jobs, economy and debt. The group announced it supports the Speaker’s approach and supports members of Congress who are lining up behind the plan.

“Kudos to Speaker Boehner for showing President Obama what leadership is really about,” said Steven Law, president and CEO of Crossroads. “President Obama may be willing to risk a fiscal Armageddon to get tax hikes, but Republicans need to be the voice of reason and responsibility.”

Crossroads GPS says that further spending cuts are necessary, but they are unlikely as long as the President insists on tax increases as his price for accepting a larger budget deal.

“It’s our job to change who’s running the White House and Senate to achieve the spending reforms that will get our country back on track,” continued Law. “While President Obama refuses to produce a plan or even a draft of one, the U.S. House is ready to pass one with real reforms.”

Crossroads GPS is a policy and grassroots advocacy organization that is committed to educating, equipping and mobilizing millions of American citizens to take action on the critical economic and legislative issues that will shape our nation’s future in the years ahead.

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