Jon Tester Votes to Protect Obama’s Crony Capitalism

A similar version of the release below went out in Ohio (Sherrod Brown) and West Virginia (Joe Manchin).

Tester refused to prevent White House operatives from using insider info to get rich 

WASHINGTON – Jon Tester today embraced the Washington insider culture when he refused to block White House operatives from using their positions to enrich themselves.  Tester opposed an amendment that required stricter ethics standards in the White House and executive branch.

The amendment, which failed in the U.S. Senate today, would have prohibited executive branch appointees or staff from holding positions that give them oversight, rule-making, loan or grant-making abilities over industries or companies in which they or their spouse have a significant financial interest.

“Jon Tester today voted to protect sweetheart deals and influence-peddling in the Obama administration instead of Montana’s taxpayers,” said Crossroads GPS director of state and regional media relations Nate Hodson.  “Tester’s embrace of cronyism demonstrates his willingness to protect President Obama when he should be focused on cleaning up Washington – not encouraging more of the same.”

The Obama administration is under scrutiny for its handling of the Solyndra fiasco, which has been described as “crony capitalism.”  Crossroads GPS is currently airing a TV ad on national cable which details the Solyndra debacle. 

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