Crossroads GPS Launches $7 Million Issue Ad Aimed at Economy and Debt

Ad airs in ten states starting Tuesday night; third spot in $25 million issue advocacy effort supporting New Majority Agenda 

WASHINGTON – Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (Crossroads GPS) today announced a new issue advocacy ad, backed by a $7 million TV buy, in its $25 million effort to focus the national issue debate on jobs, the economy, taxes and debt.

“Stopwatch” portrays the cumulative impact of the Obama Administration’s failure to address the national debt, ignoring even President Obama’s own deficit-reduction panel. The television buy includes network affiliates in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The new spot will start airing on Tuesday, June 5 and run for two weeks. The spot can be viewed here, and is available for high resolution download upon request. 

“While Europe is in the throes of debt-fueled economic crisis, President Obama keeps spending and charging more on the nation’s maxed-out credit cards,” said Steven Law, president of Crossroads GPS. “We want to encourage a serious debate on the national debt that transcends President Obama’s class-warfare tax hikes.” 

The ad encourages viewers to support the “New Majority Agenda,” which includes a plank on reducing the national debt.  For more information about the six major policy initiatives detailed in the plan, visit 

Since President Obama took office in January 2009, the national debt has increased by more than $5 trillion.  At the same time, 45% more people are on food stamps, millions more have slipped into poverty, real earnings have dropped and job growth has stalled, causing record numbers of Americans to give up looking for work and exit the workforce. President Obama promised that his economic “stimulus” legislation would prevent the unemployment rate from rising above 8%, but it has been above 8% for every month of Obama’s presidency since February 2009.  The real unemployment rate is considered much higher by economists, due to the large number of discouraged workers who have left the workforce since Obama took office.


Crossroads GPS is a policy and grassroots advocacy organization that is committed to educating, equipping and mobilizing millions of American citizens to take action on the critical economic and legislative issues that will shape our nation’s future in the years ahead.

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