Crossroads GPS Launches Three-State Issue Advocacy Push

Buys in Montana, Ohio, and Virginia total $2.5 million; ads urge support of New Majority Agenda

WASHINGTON –Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (GPS) today announced a new TV issue ad effort in Montana, Ohio, and Virginia – urging action to fight wasteful spending, government debt and ObamaCare.  Supported by a $2.5 million total buy, the ads continue the ongoing effort by Crossroads GPS to advocate for the New Majority Agenda to fix the broken economy.

The new ads start today and will run for 10 days on broadcast and cable networks in Montana, Ohio, and Virginia.  They can be viewed using the links below:

  • The Montana ad, titled “Voice,” can be viewed here.
  • The Ohio ad, titled “Show,” can be viewed here.
  • The Virginia ad, titled “Ants,” can be viewed here. 

“We’re keeping the pressure on Washington  to quit the massive spending and stop President Obama’s disastrous health care takeover,” said Nate Hodson, Crossroads GPS Director of State and Regional Media Relations.  “These spots encourage citizens push for the practical solutions found in the New Majority Agenda.” 

The ads encourage viewers to support the “New Majority Agenda,” which includes planks on reducing the national debt and health care.  For more information about the six major policy initiatives detailed in the plan, visit