Crossroads GPS Launches New TV Ad in Nevada Hitting Shelley Berkley for a Pattern of Unethical Behavior

Statewide buy totals $768,000; Ad runs for one week

WASHINGTON –Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (GPS) today announced the launch of a new TV ad in Nevada, backed by a $768,000 total buy, which reveals a pattern of unethical behavior for Shelley Berkley.

The new ad starts today and will run through August 14 on broadcast and cable networks in Nevada.  The spot, titled “Pattern,” can be viewed here: 

“Whether it was encouraging old bosses to buy off elected officials or using her Congressional office to enrich her family, Shelley Berkley’s unethical behavior is more about helping herself instead of creating Nevada jobs,” said Nate Hodson, Crossroads GPS Director of State and Regional Media Relations.  “It is disturbing that the House ethics investigation into Shelley Berkley is just the latest in an established pattern of unethical behavior.” 

Questions about Berkley’s ethical behavior were first raised surround a memo written for her employer 1996 in which she encouraged using campaign contributions to buy favorable treatment from elected judges .  Today, the U.S. House of Representatives Ethics Committee is currently investigating whether or not Shelley Berkley improperly used her official Congressional office to enrich her family.