Crossroads GPS strongly supports and urges House to pass H.R.45

Crossroads GPS strongly supports and urges the House to pass H.R. 45, a bill that would repeal in full the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

Crossroads GPS strongly supports full repeal of Obamacare because we believe that the harm to the nation’s economy and to the public health due to this legislation will be drastic and potentially irreversible.  Crossroads GPS has provided a detailed critique of the law, as well as a better way forward on health care policy, available here.  We argue that Congress must pursue real, market-based reforms that will lower health care costs, protect the doctor-patient relationship, and improve the quality of care for all.

Crossroads GPS has also invested millions of dollars to advocate for the repeal of Obamacare and the pursuit of common-sense health care solutions.  We believe that this law’s continued unpopularity is due to the consistent efforts by us and others to inform citizens of the law’s many defects.  Last month, the Kaiser Family Foundation found that just 33% of Americans support the law “as is.”  Sadly, the president and his allies stubbornly ignore public opposition to their plan.  Their insistence on passing and now implementing this job-killing law – which one of the bill’s own authors recently called a “train wreck” – has been deeply divisive and contributed to discord in the nation’s capital.

H.R. 45 deserves full support, but Crossroads GPS harbors no illusions about whether President Obama and his allies in the Senate will allow it to become law, should the House pass it this week.  It is nonetheless essential that all Members of Congress take a stand on whether this law should be repealed, and that opponents of Obamacare fight for this legislation’s passage in the Senate.

It is important to understand that a comprehensive rollback of Obamacare cannot realistically be accomplished until 2017 at the very earliest, when President Obama will no longer be able to veto such legislation.  Therefore, we will have to seek other opportunities to protect American families and jobs from this law’s unfair and disruptive effects.  Should H.R. 45 be blocked in the Senate or by a presidential veto, Crossroads GPS will continue to support additional, targeted efforts to that effect, especially where they highlight why a comprehensive legislative rollback is necessary.

For these reasons, H.R. 45 deserves support when it comes to a vote on the House floor this week.