Memo: Obamacare Townhall Video

FROM: Steven J. Law

     President and CEO, Crossroads GPS

TO: Senate and House Chiefs of Staff

DATE:  August 8, 2013

RE: Obamacare Townhall Video

As your Members return to their states and districts this August recess, one of the top issues they may be asked about, and want to talk about, is Obamacare.

A recent public opinion survey conducted by Crossroads GPS found that while a majority of Americans remain opposed to Obamacare, many people are still unaware of the specific harmful consequences this law will have.  We strongly encourage your Members to educate their constituents on this issue in August, whether in townhall meetings, speeches, web-based presentations or other constituent outreach events.

To help advance this goal, Crossroads GPS today released a new Obamacare informational video – specifically designed to help communicate the negative consequences of Obamacare .

The video is available for download here.  We can also make high-resolution versions available to you upon request.

Please feel free to use this educational video as you see appropriate, for example, showing this video in townhall presentations, posting on Facebook and other social media platforms, and sharing with interested parties in your district or state.

The video explains:

  • How the promise of healthcare affordability has turned into higher expenses and rising premiums;
  • How, despite promises that Americans could keep their healthcare, millions of unsuspecting Americans will see their coverage change dramatically for the worse;
  • How Medicare programs will be cut to fund the new law;
  • How the cost of the law is double what President Obama originally promised;
  • How in ten years, despite the law, we will still have 30 million uninsured Americans.

In short, your constituents are about to see major changes to their health care – many negative, many unexpected – and robust outreach with clear messaging products can help educate your constituents on these changes.

If you have any questions about the video or our effort, please contact Steven Duffield, vice president of policy at Crossroads GPS, at [email protected].

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