A Personal Plea for Repeal of Obamacare in New Crossroads GPS TV Issue Ad in Colorado

Castle Rock, Colorado Resident Describes Law’s Impact and Urges Udall to Support Repeal 

WASHINGTON – Today, Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (Crossroads GPS) launched an issue advocacy ad spotlighting Obamacare’s impact on Colorado families and small businesses.

The new spot, which can be viewed here, will air in Denver and Colorado Springs for a total buy of $452,000 beginning on August 7. 

The issue ad features a Castle Rock, Colorado resident named Richelle, who details how policies in Washington are affecting her family, Colorado businesses, and Colorado jobs.


“This is personal. Policies coming out of Washington really do affect us here at home. 

“My husband started his own company… 

“It’s a big leap of faith to start a business with a family. 

“We knew that we needed to find healthcare… 

“Because we were a single income family… 

“… we couldn’t afford our plan. 

“Mark Udall’s vote for Obamacare has hurt families in Colorado, for small business owners that are trying to make it and support their families. Mark Udall should repeal Obamacare.”