Crossroads GPS Launches TV Issue Ad in Arkansas on Medicare and Social Security

“Call Senator Pryor. Tell Him to Protect our Medicare by Repealing Obamacare.” 

WASHINGTON – Today, Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (Crossroads GPS) announced a new issue ad that highlights Obamacare’s $700 billion in cuts to Medicare.

The new spot, which can be viewed here, will air in Arkansas for a total buy of over $709,000 starting on Wednesday, August 6.  

“Arkansas seniors rely on Medicare, but elected leaders in Washington are threatening the future of the program,” said Paul Lindsay, communications director for Crossroads GPS. “Senator Pryor says he wants to protect these benefits, but his deciding vote in favor of Obamacare cut Medicare by more than $700 billion. It’s time for Arkansans to tell Washington to protect Medicare by repealing Obamacare.”