America’s Majority Says:
75% oppose NLRB blocking companies from opening new plants in whatever states they want.
(Public Opinion Strategies 7/12/11)

Break the Regulatory Chokehold on Economic Recovery

  • Impose a moratorium on regulatory attacks against employers by the NLRB, Department of Labor, National Mediation Board, and other union-boosting government agencies.
  • Order a top-down review of Dodd-Frank and freeze every provision that would curtail consumer access to credit, drive up consumer costs, or deny consumers a breadth of choices and products.

Crossroads GPS supports:

S. 299 and H.R. 10, the Regulations From the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (“REINS”) Act, which would increase congressional involvement in the regulatory process to ensure greater accountability and focus on economic impacts.

S. 1720, the Jobs Through Growth Act, which commits Congress to a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, slashes excessive spending, implements a flatter and simpler tax code, provides direct tax relief to the American people, repeals Obamacare, reforms the nation’s regulatory rulemaking system, places a moratorium on job-killing regulations, provides specific regulatory relief to small businesses, repeals new regulations targeting America’s farm and ranch lands, reforms the NLRB, removes regulatory barriers to American energy production and transport, and prohibits the EPA from imposing new energy taxes.

S. 217 and H.R.972, the Secret Ballot Protection Act, which would protect employees’ rights during union organizing efforts.

S. 964 and H.R. 1976, the Job Protection Act, which would prevent the NLRB from forcing employers to relocate or shut down facilities for improper reasons.

S. 1425 and H.R. 2810, the Employee Rights Act, which would reform the union organizing process to protect the rights of employees.

S. 1666 and H.R. 2854, the Employer Free Choice Act, which would repeal a rule published by the NLRB relating to union organizing elections.

S. 1843 and H.R. 3094, the Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act, which would reverse the NLRB’s decision in Specialty Healthcare and Rehabilitation of Mobile and its June 22, 2011, rulemaking regarding proposed changes to procedures involving the election of collective bargaining representation.

H.R. 2978, the Protecting American Jobs Act, which would reform the NLRB complaint process to ensure greater fairness to all parties.

Crossroads GPS opposes:

H.R. 12, the American Jobs Act of 2011, President Obama’s latest ploy to raise taxes, increase stimulus spending, and add to the regulatory burdens on the nation’s employers.

President Obama’s FY 2013 Budget, which would raise taxes, increase spending, and do nothing to meaningfully address our $15.7 trillion debt.

Oversight and Accountability

Crossroads GPS favors robust oversight of federal spending, strong Inspectors General to root out fraud and spending abuses in the federal bureaucracy, and diligent congressional oversight of the president’s political appointees who are responsible for taxpayer money.