Spending, Debt and Budget

America’s Majority Says:
73% say the federal deficit is mostly due to wasteful & unnecessary Washington spending.
(Gallup 4/29/11)

Clean Up Washington’s “Downgraded” Finances

  • Turn off the spigot of wasteful “stimulus” spending, “green jobs” giveaways, and special interest bailouts.
  • Investigate the Obama Administration’s “cash for cronies” culture and impose tough financial controls on agencies that mismanage grant and loan funds.
  • Drive down domestic discretionary spending to pre-Obama Administration levels.
  • Reform entitlement spending to ensure the long-term financial security of these programs.

Crossroads GPS supports:

H.J. Res. 2 and S.J. Res. 10, a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution.

H. Con. Res. 34, a budget for the federal government that puts the nation’s finances on a pathway to balance and addresses our long-term entitlement crisis.

S. 1930 and H.R.3707, the Earmark Elimination Act, so that politicians are focused on legislating for the public good, not for politically-connected interests.

S. 1611 and H.R. 3029, the Reducing the Size of the Federal Government Through Attrition Act, so that the federal workforce becomes leaner and more effective and taxpayer dollars are not wasted.

H.R. 4966, the Sequester Replacement Act of 2012, to ensure a more efficient government and to protect our national defense.

S. 299 and H.R. 10, the Regulations From the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (“REINS”) Act, which would increase congressional oversight and control of the regulatory process to ensure greater accountability and a strong focus on economic impact.

S. 1720, the Jobs Through Growth Act, which blocks Obama’s scheduled tax increases for all Americans, commits Congress to a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, slashes excessive spending, implements a flatter and simpler tax code, provides direct tax relief to the American people, repeals Obamacare, reforms the nation’s regulatory rulemaking system, places a moratorium on job-killing regulations, provides specific regulatory relief to small businesses, repeals new regulations targeting America’s farm and ranch lands, reforms the NLRB, removes regulatory barriers to American energy production and transport, and prohibits the EPA from imposing new energy taxes.

Crossroads GPS opposes:

H.R. 12 and S. 1660, the American Jobs Act of 2011, President Obama’s latest ploy to raise taxes, increase stimulus spending, try to pick winners and losers in the marketplace, and add to the regulatory burdens on America’s job creators.

President Obama’s FY 2013 Budget, which would raise taxes, increase spending, and do nothing meaningful to address our $15.7 trillion debt.

Oversight and Accountability

Crossroads GPS also favors robust oversight of federal spending, strong Inspectors General to root out fraud and spending abuses in the federal bureaucracy, and diligent congressional oversight of the president’s political appointees who are responsible for taxpayer money.