America’s Majority Says:
81% support lower taxes for small business owners.
(CBS/NYT 9/15/11)

Craft a Lean, Pro-Growth Tax System

  • Redesign the tax code to make American business more competitive and productive, and make tax compliance easier and fairer for job creators and individuals alike.
  • Block President Obama’s insistence on raising taxes on families, businesses, and consumers.


Crossroads GPS supports:

H.R. 206 and H.R. 86, to block President Obama’s scheduled tax increases on all Americans.

H.R.462, the Tax Code Termination Act, a bill to ensure that the tax code is fully reformed no later than 2015.

S. 1720, the Jobs Through Growth Act, which blocks Obama’s scheduled tax increases for all Americans, implements a flatter and simpler tax code, provides direct tax relief to the American people, commits Congress to a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, slashes excessive spending, repeals Obamacare, reforms the nation’s regulatory rulemaking system, places a moratorium on job-killing regulations, provides specific regulatory relief to small businesses, repeals new regulations targeting America’s farm and ranch lands, reforms the NLRB, removes regulatory barriers to American energy production and transport, and prohibits the EPA from imposing new energy taxes.

H.R. 9, the Small Business Tax Cut Act,  a bill to provide small businesses meaningful, immediate tax relief in order to help put more Americans back to work.

H.R.177, the Death Tax Repeal Act, to repeal the estate tax.

H.R. 436, S. 17, and S. 262, all bills to protect medical innovation by repealing the excise tax on medical devices imposed by Obamacare.


Crossroads GPS opposes:

H.R. 12 and S. 1660, the American Jobs Act of 2011, President Obama’s latest ploy to raise taxes, increase stimulus spending, try to pick winners and losers in the marketplace, and add to the regulatory burdens on the nation’s employers.

President Obama’s FY 2013 Budget, which would raise taxes, increase spending, and do nothing meaningful to address our $15.7 trillion debt.

H.R. 4016, a bill to increase taxes on investment income, thereby depriving the economy of capital at a time when private investment is essential to job creation.

S. 2343, a bill to increase income taxes on small business owners, among others.


Oversight and Accountability

Crossroads GPS favors robust oversight of the Internal Revenue Service, all federal spending, strong Inspectors General to root out fraud and spending abuses in the federal bureaucracy, and diligent congressional oversight of the president’s political appointees who are responsible for taxpayer money.