Student Loans

Crossroads GPS successfully took action that helped pass legislation on student loan that serves both college students and American taxpayers, by providing fair rates and long-term sustainability for the country’s student loan program.

Ever since President Obama and liberals nationalized student loans, the program has been beset by politics and partisan brinksmanship.  This new congressionally-approved plan reversed interest rate hikes that occurred on July 1 and guaranteed that future rates would be set in accordance with market conditions.  The result is much greater predictability for student borrowers and their parents, and a savings to taxpayers of $715 million over ten years.  This plan passed over the strong objections of partisan liberals in Congress, who wanted to sacrifice solvency for short-term interest rate giveaways.

Crossroads GPS played a key role in encouraging passage of student loan reform by putting pressure on congressional liberals who wanted to prolong the partisan fight in Congress while students and families suffered under the weight of a huge interest rate hike.