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Crossroads GPS Statement on House Ways & Means Committee Letter to DOJ

WASHINGTON – Crossroads GPS president & CEO Steven Law today issued the following statement regarding the House Ways & Means Committee’s letter to the Department of Justice on actions taken by IRS employee Lois Lerner: 

“The House Ways and Means Committee investigation confirms that there was an organized high-level effort within the IRS to subvert the agency’s own standards and procedures in order to harass law-abiding conservative advocacy groups like Crossroads GPS.

“We appreciate the unwavering efforts of Chairman Camp and the Committee to get to the bottom of this scandal. We trust that the Committee’s action will bring to justice those who violated the public’s trust so that groups like ours will be able to exercise First Amendment rights without IRS harassment or retaliation.”  [Read more...]

Crossroads GPS urges Senate passage of HR 3811

Crossroads GPS calls on the United States Senate to call up and pass H.R. 3811, the Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act.  This bill passed the House of Representatives last week by an overwhelming, veto-proof, 291-122 margin and deserves to become law immediately. [Read more...]

What went wrong with the health care website?

The Washington Post breaks down all the problems with in one chart, copied below:

WaPo Health Care Chart

Crossroads GPS Supports the Keep Your Health Plan Act

Crossroads GPS strongly supports H.R. 3350, the Keep Your Health Plan Act, which will receive a vote in the House of Representatives this week. The President’s repeated and now-repudiated promises to the contrary, it is plain to all that his health care law is destroying millions of Americans’ access to affordable health insurance and Congress must act to mitigate the damage that Obamacare is causing. H.R. 3350 is a modest, pro-patient measure that will ensure that the insurance providers who are prohibited from offering affordable health plans can continue to do so. President Obama’s press conference today announcing a temporary and legally-questionable administrative approach to this problem is no substitute for prompt congressional action. [Read more...]