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Poll: Clinton’s Image and Standing in Battleground States

WASHINGTON, DC—Today Crossroads GPS released a memorandum describing results of a new national battleground poll that show Hillary Clinton narrowly trailing a generic Republican nominee for president and winning women voters by a scant two percentage points.

The Crossroads GPS survey, conducted on March 22-26 in 15 “battleground” states before Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy, analyzed a variety of issues and trends that are on Americans’ minds.  The poll also asked about respondents’ perceptions of Clinton.

The poll found surprising weaknesses in Clinton’s image and support.  Fully 95% of voters are aware of Clinton and have an opinion of her, and that opinion is already polarized (49% favorable | 46% unfavorable).  When respondents were given both positive and negative information about Clinton, her image worsened by a net 10 points.  [Read more…]

Crossroads GPS Urges Action on Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation

Online Ads Target Leaders of “Unconscionable” Filibuster

WASHINGTON—Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (GPS) today announced a battery of new digital ads in four states, urging Senators to end the filibuster of bipartisan legislation aimed at combating human trafficking.  Crossroads GPS endorses S. 178, the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, which is being blocked by a filibuster over funding restriction language that was agreed to during committee consideration of the bill.

Crossroads GPS’ digital ads urge Senators Harry Reid (D-NV), Michael Bennet (D-CO), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Claire McCaskill (D-MO) to drop their “unconscionable” filibuster and pass S. 178 for the benefit of victims of human trafficking, which includes kidnapping, modern-day slavery and forced prostitution.  S. 178 is supported by a broad array of victims’ advocates, human rights groups and law enforcement agencies. [Read more…]

Crossroads GPS Endorses Permanent “Doc Fix” Solution and Entitlement Reform

WASHINGTON—Crossroads GPS president Steven Law today issued the following statement regarding the bipartisan effort to permanently address the “Doc Fix” and to enact meaningful Medicare reforms:

“The current Congress was elected to end the government-by-crisis approach to budgeting and fiscal issues.  Our nation’s long term debt has only gotten worse under President Obama, and it will not improve without a change both in how we do business, and where we place our priorities.”

“For that reason, Crossroads GPS is encouraged to see Speaker Boehner and the House Majority put forward a commonsense solution to the ongoing fiasco known as the ‘Doc Fix,’ and now Democrats are also joining this effort.  For nearly twenty years, Congress has scrambled to stop automatic Medicare reimbursements cuts to doctors who serve our seniors.  These “patches” have cost taxpayers roughly $170 billion, at the cost of great uncertainty and sloppy governance. [Read more…]

New Crossroads GPS TV Ad: What Mark Pryor Won’t Say

Pryor May Not Be Willing to Say “Obamacare,” But He’s Still Responsible for Its Cuts to Medicare and Threats to Insurance Plans  

WASHINGTON – Today, Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (Crossroads GPS) announced a new TV ad highlighting what Mark Pryor is unwilling to talk about with Arkansans: his support for Obamacare. 

The new spot, which can be viewed here, will air in Arkansas starting on September 3. The ad is part of a total buy of over $2.5 million running until November.  

“Mark Pryor has a knack for avoiding things in this Senate race, but Obamacare tops the list,” said Paul Lindsay, communications director for Crossroads GPS. “After telling Arkansans they’d be able to keep their health care plans, many received cancellation letters or faced higher premiums. If Pryor is unwilling to be honest with Arkansans about Obamacare, how can they trust him to fix it?”