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America is facing a “fiscal cliff” that will shear off into tax hikes, defense cuts and a possible new recession beginning on January 1, 2013.  Without decisive action by that date, America will hit “Taxmageddon,” the largest tax increase in world history, coupled with severe cuts in national security spending without any sustainable path towards national economic solvency.  Small businesses and entrepreneurs will be drained of capital to grow and sustain jobs, and health care costs will continue to skyrocket.

If we do not turn from this disastrous course President Obama has locked us on, we will see higher unemployment and another recession.  Crossroads GPS urges a better path forward, focused on pro-growth tax policy, a renewed commitment to the power of free enterprise, and restrained spending that no longer crowds out private sector investment and real growth.  The New Majority Agenda offers such a path.  Check it out!